"This is a powerful act of solidarity with all those hurt and lost in the war in Syria. we welcome the arch to New York City, where New Yorkers and visitors can see the historic work of art. together, we will demonstrate our collective resolve to protect our common heritage and humanity"

- Hon. William De Blasio, Mayor of New York City

"In light of the rapid changes taking place in the region, the role of the next generation of technology becomes apparent in preserving the artifacts and heritage of the region from disappearance and destruction, so that they may remain as live witnesses for the next generations of the history of humanity's achievements over the centuries in the countries of the region and around the world."

- H.E. Mohammed Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, UAE

"We in New York have always been a city of inclusion and tolerance and welcoming people, and a city where we like to marry the old and the new. So what could be more appropriate than to have this symbol of freedom in front of City Hall?"

- Hon. Alicia Glen, Deputy Mayor of New York City

β€œThe significance of much of the cultural heritage worldwide stretches far beyond national borders.It is for that reason that we share a common responsibility to protect and preserve this heritage.New technologies, especially in the field of digital archaeology, have provided a valuable resource to continue safeguarding heritage and sharing the story behind it, especially when it is threatened or even worse lost.”  

- Koosje Spitz, Programme Coordinator, Culture and Heritage in Crisis situations, Netherlands Commission for UNESCO

From our director